Welcome to our Waiver Invitation System!

You have booked an event at the Ampro Fieldhouse. 

Please note that we'll need everyone attending the event to complete a waiver prior to the event. Individuals without waivers will not be able to participate in any activities at our facility.

In the field below, please paste a list of email addresses, separated by commas or one per line, of the attendees and we will send them an email with a link to fill out the waiver for your event.

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Although we encourage you to use our invitation system, you can also copy the links below for accessing the waiver system. These links are specific to your reservation so please do not edit the links.

If you are under 18 (A parent must fill this out) click here:

If you are over 18 click here:

Finally, remember that everyone must wear regular sneakers on our field, no cleats or turf shoes will be permitted. 

Game On!

Ampro Fieldhouse Staff